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Founded in 1991, initially MGC Transitários was a company more dedicated to European land transport.

However, over time it has also established itself as a strong operator in the sea and air transport of goods.

Currently, we are a complete company, with capacity and intensive know-how in all types of goods transport. Intermodality and the ability to internationalize our customers’ business are more present than ever in MGC’s DNA.

Our philosophy is to understand our customers’ needs in order to provide tailor-made solutions that meet their needs.

With an upward trajectory since our foundation, we have managed to position ourselves in our area of ​​influence.

MGC Logística
MGC Logística

In addition, we mention four key points that govern our entire business process:

  • Our framework provides a skilled workforce that is dedicated to the goals that drive how we complete each deliverable.
  • More than transport and logistics solutions, we help our customers to develop new markets and win business.
  • We speak the same language as those who come to us. We are a transport advisor for the entire logistical project, with comprehensive, fast services, protecting and strengthening our partners’ commercial relationships.
  • We accept our customers’ challenges, however complicated they may be. Your challenges are our challenges.


Our main objective is to offer logistics solutions for national and international companies adapted to the needs of each of our customers. Above all, add logistical value to their day to day, to strengthen their status in the markets where they operate.


“We put the European and world market within your reach.”

We have a passion for logistics and are driven by challenges. Our objective is to consolidate our position as logistics operators and to be a reference in the internationalization of logistics and transport services for companies, providing them with added value to their product, with high availability and guaranteeing the required flexibility.

We always want to raise the bar by supporting our partners in the development of “out of the box” solutions.


Who we are, what our mission and vision are, would be nothing if we did not align MGC-Transitários by values that guide us in each transport carried out.


Team with more than 30 years of experience. Competent and qualified professionals who work to ensure that all partners walk out the door with new solutions and ideas for their logistics process.


Our 24/7 online quote platform allows us to send an accurate quote to our customer almost instantly. In addition, we offer you a website to check our rates anytime, any day.


In addition to a personalized contact from the first moment, we guarantee a follow-up after each service. With detailed support strategies, we are available for any emergency and personalized loyalty.


We are committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, ensuring a quality, cost-effective and timely supply chain solution, ensuring our customers get the results they want quickly and effectively.


Results first. After careful categorization and assessment of shipper requirements, we create a customized shipping program using the most efficient means of transport. We are fully aware of the fact that our customers’ product is much more important than just a shipment to their buyers.


We have logistical solutions at a competitive price. Our services include custom bookkeeping, warehousing, distribution, logistics consulting, air/road/ocean freight services, technology services, design solutions, specialist services for the automotive industry, custom services and much more.



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